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    Welcome to the Stix of Fury drumline homepage!  Stix of Fury is made up of students from the Blooming Prairie School District, even though the drumline is not apart of the local school district bands.  We are an official non-profit organization so any donations made to the group are tax deductible. We also love to give back to other organizations like the local Cancer Group and Education Foundation as well as the March of Dimes and others.


MISSION STATEMENT: Deemed as an Educational Institute, we strive for the youth involved in the drum line to obtain self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and maintain integrity along with supporting our community values. We urge each student to achieve personal greatness while they enjoy using their unique talents and determination to increase their skills to extraordinary levels of excellence.

Photo by Wolf Candids

    The name, Stix of Fury, suggests a fierce style of percussion. The group entertains people in parades and special events. Stix of Fury is not intended to be a drum corp for precision competition.  It is an entertaining group that is skilled and talented. Stix of Fury is a player run group with parent, school district and community support. The players help write the music and choreograph their shows along side the Founder & Director Jacob Peterson. All players have a voice in the drumline. 


    Players and parents volunteer their time without any compensation. Donations and money earned through performances cover the cost of travel, equipment maintenance, and uniforms. No money is used to compensate for initial equipment costs or used as profit for ANYONE.


    In 2010, Founder & Director Jacob Peterson saw the need for a group of Blooming Prairie School District students to have a summer drumline program. Throughout the last few years, many schools have had to make many cuts due to state budget cuts. Unfortunately, music departments tend to be some of the first cuts in programs that are made.


    The plan was to form a drumline to help try and keep music alive in students. The drumline is made exclusively of students within the Blooming Prairie School District. The main focus of the drumline is to keep students involved in the music programs within the district.


    Today, the success of Stix of Fury is built on the cooperation of it's members, parents, schools and community.