Members of the Staff


Jacob Peterson - Creator/Director

Jake is the Creator and Director of the drumline. He is in charge of setting up and running the practices, as well as directing the drumline during events. He is also the contact for event coordinators to schedule performance dates.


Alecia Peterson  - Color Guard Coach

Alecia is the newest addition to the staff. In 2012 it was decided by the board that an addition of a Color Guard would be a GREAT idea!! Alecia has prior experience as Color Guard, so it was decided she would be the best choice as the coach. If any girls out there are looking to be apart of the Color Guard for the 2013 season. Feel free to contact Alecia by phone or e-mail.


Kristi Jorgenson - Transportation

Kristi is in charge of transportation for the drumline. She lines up bus service to make sure we make it where we need to be. Without her, it would be hard to get to performances.


Members of the Board


President - Jacob Peterson

Vice President - Alecia Peterson

Secretary -Tim Michaud

Treasurer - Roxy Lee

Board Member - Kristi Jorgenson

Board Member - Greg Skillestad

Board Member - Chris Staloch