Stix of Fury is the creation of Blooming Prairie School District Alumni Jacob Peterson. Jake loved playing drums throughout grade school and high school. He started playing drums when he was in 3rd grade. Throughout his time in school, he was apart of many different groups in music. He was always apart of band, but he loved to be apart of Jazz Band, Pep Band, Marching Band and especially the Drumline. After graduation, Jake went to college to major in law enforcement. He soon received his degree in law enforcement, and returned to his home town. He then went on and received his certification as an EMT and Firefighter. Jake now proudly serves the City of Blooming Prairie as a Police Officer, EMT and Firefighter. He loved watching the bands perform in the cities famous 4th of July parade. But overtime, many bands were unable to make it due to funding being cut.


    In late 2009, Jake decided to purchase brand new equipment to start his own private drumline. All the equipment was purchased with the gracious help of Jim Kozan with Waseca Music in Waseca, MN. Through Waseca Music, Jake was able to purchase the required equipment needed to start his own drumline. His dream was finally realized in early 2010 when several students of the Choir and Band programs stepped up to play the equipment. All the students are within the Blooming Prairie School District, ranging from 7th to 12th grade.


    In early 2011 a Board of Directors was created to help make Stix of Fury an official non-profit organization. The board was decided on by various members of Stix of Fury. In the fall of 2011 their dream became a reality. They recieved the 501(c)3 status from the Department of Revenue. Now today, the Board of Directors makes decisions to help keep the drumline running smoothly so they can be enjoyed for many years to come. But don't count the students out, they still play a major role in giving ideas for our future.


    The equipment that is played by Stix of Fury is made by The Yamaha Corporation. The drumline consists of 5 bass drums, 5 snare drums, 3 quints, 5 crash cymbals, and 1 bell set, along with 12 color guard. The snares are the SFZ Series, the quints are Field Corp Series, the basses are the Field Corp Series. All the drums and the bell set are made by Yamaha Corporation, and the cymbals are made by the Zildjian Company.