The Three BE's of Requirements

There are three basic requirements that must be met in order to apply.


1.) BE enrolled in the Blooming Prairie School District!


2.) BE in grades 6th thru 12th!


3.) BE ready for the experience of a lifetime!




During the spring, applications are handed out to any student who meets the three basic requirements that wishes to be in the drumline. No experience as a percussionist is required, but is desired and could give the student an advantage over other applicants




After the applications have been returned, each student will be required to attend a meeting to lay out the practice and performance plans for the drumline. Each student is allowed to try any instrument they wish, but in doing so, an audition for that instrument is required to show their ability in playing such instrument. After all auditions are complete, the student will be informed if there is a place for them in the group, and if so what drum would better suit the student. Each student should be free of any physical limitations that would make it difficult to carry equipment for extended periods of time, but it is not required. Keep in mind temperatures during a performance can sometimes be extremely hot, so if you have a medical condition that limits your ability to perform in hot temperatures, please advise the Director prior to joining the group. 


Rules and Regulations


It is expected of each student to be able to make 90% of the practices and performances.  Also, the students are expected to be curtious to others at all times, and not have any negative involvement with law enforcement. For example the students shall not use tobacco, alcohol or drugs during their membership in the drumline, or be involved in any criminal activity. If a student is found to break these rules of conduct, they would either be suspended for a period of time or terminated from the drumline. Each students conduct not only reflects on their image, but it also reflects on the image of the rest of the members and the drumline as a whole. Following these rules are vital to the success of the student and the drumline.